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What is the difference between Micro LED Display and Mini LED Display?

  • 2019-06-08

Micro LED is considered to be a new generation of display technology by the led display industry experts, it is called as king of display technology on the next generation. The development trend and market prospects of Micro LED Display have been favored by upstream and downstream suppliers and end customers. According to experts' estimates, the output value of the Micro LED Display market will reach nearly 3.57 billion US dollars by 2030.




Although the future prospects of Micro LED Display are highly optimistic, Micro LED Display still faces huge technological breakthrough bottlenecks and has not made major breakthroughs in some key technologies and equipment. Therefore, some LED Display companies began to turn to the development of relatively mature Mini LED Display manufacturing technology, first develop the current mature technology of the Mini LED Display, paving the way for the development of the later Micro LED Display.



Micro LED and Mini LED are so hot at the moment, so what are they? What is the difference? Many customers and friends are not very clear about these two concepts. In fact, there are five major differences between Micro LED Display and Mini LED Display, which are different concepts and structures. Different principles, different manufacturing processes, different application fields, and different mass productions, let Ledstv take a look at these five aspects for everyone!


Micro LED


1. Different concepts

Micro LED Display is a new generation led display technology, also called LED miniaturization and matrix technology. It can thin, miniaturize and array LED backlights, which can make LED units less than 100 microns. Just like OLED, each pixel can be realized separately. Addressing, driving alone (self-illuminating). Mini LED Display, also known as "sub-millimeter light-emitting diode", refers to an LED with a die size of about 100 microns or more. Mini LED is an improved version between traditional LED Display and Micro LED Display, which is simply a improved version on traditional LED backlight.



Micro LED


2. Different structural principles

The Micro LED Display structure is simpler than the Mini LED Display. The problem with the Micro LED is that it is difficult to transfer a lot, how to make the LED miniaturized requires a wafer level technology. For example, the 4K-level Micro LED screen requires more than 24.88 million LEDs to be highly integrated, which requires a high level of technology.


Micro LED


3. Different manufacturing processes

Compared with Micro LED, Mini LED screen has high quality percent yield and can be cut by special shape, it can form a high-surface backlight with soft substrate. It adopts local dimming design and has better color rendering. It can bring LCD panel more. For fine HDR partitioning, and the thickness is also close to OLED, the power saving function is better.


Micro LED


4. Different application fields

Mini LED screen is suitable for backlight applications such as HDR and special-shaped displays. It is suitable for notebook computers, TVs, car displays and electronic games, etc. Micro LED screen is a brand-new led display technology that can be applied to wear. Watches, mobile phones, car displays, augmented reality/virtual reality, display and television.


Micro LED


5. Different production

Mini LED technology is less difficult, easier to mass-production, can use most of the existing production equipment for mass production, and can develop a large number of liquid crystal display backlight market, the product price is low. As a new display technology, Micro LED screen is more technically difficult, difficult to mass produce, and more expensive.


Micro LED


Overall, Micro LED has a higher definition display quality, which is the next generation of revolutionary technology in the led display screen industry. However, the current led video wall technology is not mature enough, so the cost is higher and it is difficult to mass production. The Mini LED display quality is not as good as that of the Micro LED, but it is higher than the traditional LED display. It is based on the improvement of the traditional LED backlight technology. The current technology is relatively mature, the cost is lower than that of the Micro LED, and it is easy to mass-produce. The mainstream of the market.


Micro LED



I believe that through this science article, everyone has a clearer understanding of Micro LED screen and Mini LED screen. The next time you talk to customers or suppliers about Micro LED and Mini LED, you can easily deal with it. Everyone has other better LED screen news for suggestions or questions related to the led screen display, please send an email to sale@ledstv.com, we will see you next time, Chao.


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