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Ledstv Mini 0.9 LED Video Wall, Redefining Narrow Pixel Pitch Video Wall

  • 2019-06-27

Mini 0.9 Born into the World Splendidly, Redefining Ledstv Narrow Pixel Pitch


The same 0.9mm, the different 4-in-1 mini LED



Recently, Ledstv’s headquarter in Shenzhen has brought an another good news-0.9mm VE 4-in-1 LED screen is officially at the stage of volume production. From 1.9mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm to nowadays 0.9mm 4-in-1 Mini LED technology, Narrow pixel pitch VE series have always been leading the trend in LED industry.


Narrow pixel pitch VE series



As a standard Mini LED product in Ledstv, apart from other Mini LED features, like high pixel density, high scan ratio, high refresh rate and high gray scale (namely “Four High”), VE 0.9 adopts 4-in-1 & HCC(High-Powered Common Cathode) technology, making Mini LED screen better meet the demands of commercial and consumer market.

Thanks to Mini LED & HCC technology, the screen is able to show exquisite images, say you could even see the white hairlines on the screen and it’s like a whole with seamless splicing. Besides, even in the circumstance of high brightness, the cabinet can save 50% electricity power compared with normal screen. Supposed that a screen display in the meeting room(20m² for example) can save 100000 Kw/h per year, with HCC technology optimizing inner layout, the display can dissipate fast and operate much longer. Generally speaking, its lifespan extends to 2-3 years with this technology. For instance, if properly maintained, an 8-year-lifespan screen can use for 10 years.


Narrow pixel pitch VE series


In addition to self-developed HCC technology, VE series has rewarded the international authorized certification- Red Dot Design Award(The highest reward in industrial design). Based on the new technology, Mini LED will definitely enrich and unfold smooth images in every tiny world.

As a well-known professional LED solution provider that integrates R&D and manufacturing, Ledstv has been contributing to providing solutions of narrow pixel pitch series in different circumstances. We have supported multiple projects in different fields and occasions, such as HongKong TVB, Australia TV station, as well as some famous TV stations in Europe. Other LED screens are also not alone, like Tencent Global Partner Conference, OPPO New Product Release Conference in Indonesia, Rolls-Royce New Product Release, etc. It’s not exaggerated to say that LED screens of Ledstv has spread all over the world. Maybe someone like you who sits on the chair and watches TV series is seeing the performance of our LED displays in the show, which is not surprising at all.


Narrow pixel pitch VE series


R&D and design are always the inexhaustible impetus of a company’s development, while the core members of R&D department in Ledstv have 10-year experience in LED industry. So depending on its strong and self-developed R&D capability, Ledstv has honored the title of “Top 10 Exporting company in China’s LED industry”. From establishment in 2007 to nowadays, we have attained 130 patents or certifications. The same 0.9mm, the different 4-in-1 Mini LED. The era of 0.9 is coming forth, and we Ledstv invites you to join us together, walking towards a colorful future!


From 1.2 upgrade to 0.9, Mini LED will be a trend and transition in the next few years, which sets the tone of Ledstv’s future direction and redefines its narrow pixel pitch products.

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